Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quick Update

On the house:

We lowered our asking price, based on feedback received from realtors who came to the realtor open house we did last week. We immediately got one showing, then had another this week. Our realtor has been away for a family wedding so I haven't heard what the potential buyers thought. Nothing new has come on the market in Kenosha yet.

On the musical:

Opening Night is tomorrow night! We have one last rehearsal tonight. It's coming together. I think most of it will be there by Friday.... It's been a joy to spend so much time together working toward this goal!

On the TV show:

What TV show? Well, a friend of ours is making one for a class he's taking, that will be aired on a cable station at some point. Our middle four kids are in it. Filming began Tuesday and will hopefully be completed today. I am eternally grateful to my friend who's been driving them 35 minutes away to the film shoots.

On my hair:

I got a hair cut! It was very long, with no bangs, and I had been wearing it in a ponytail 24/7 almost, so this is a nice change. I had to leave it long enough to put in a bun for my role as Mrs. Macready, the housekeeper of Marbleton Manor, and I like the length a lot. Though I mostly keep the bangs tucked in the headband when I'm just home.

(The haircut was a few weeks ago, actually, but as you can see, I finally got camera, computer and downloading cord all together, so now I have pictures to share! Stay tuned for "after" photos of all the work we've done on our house.)


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Love the haircut! We got an offer faxed in today, but it is a contingency so we're not sure what to do....

Linds said...

I love your haircut too! Like you, mine was very long till a maniac of a hairdresser decided to lop it off. It took a while to get used to, but I love it now. You look summery. It is still raining and wintery here. I am not thrilled. I need sun!

Erin said...

Break a leg tomorrow night! I hope you post lots of pictures....(hint hint)

A TV show! How cool! What's it about? What parts are your kids? Are they leads? How many episodes is it? I'm dying to know more. ;) If you'd rather not write it all in a comment you can email me: mimagirl(at)gmail(dot)com

At A Hen's Pace said...


How exciting! Praying for wisdom for you...


I remember your haircut--it was inspiring! :)


It's just one episode of a script written by a student--not a big deal, really, although it will air on a reasonably well-known Christian station here (TLN). It's called Lucy's Fairy Tale Adventure, and Blondechick14 has the biggest role (of my kids) as Kirsten, the mean-girl hostess of the tea party that Lucy, the main character, is invited to. Chicklet4 is a Tea Party Girl; Bantams 12 & 8 are Mean Boys in camouflage who break up the tea party with water balloons.

There's a Christian moral or message in it somewhere, but I don't know the whole script. I'll post more about it eventually when I see the whole thing put together!


Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

Just beautiful, Jeanne!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Decided not to take was a low offer plus contingency. Oh well...2 steps forward 1 step back! :)

Erin said...

So cool!!

Jenny in Ca said...

I like your haircut, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Love your haircut, too. Very flattering! Aunt E.