Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's my mother's birthday today, and guess how she's celebrating?

She's spending over six hours in a car, driving to visit us!

She's going to see her grandchildren. She's going to see her grandchildren and her daughter and son-in-law all playing leads in a musical. (Now, tell me that's not a treat for a grandmother.) She'll get to play with her grandchildren, and hear them sing and shout and belly-laugh and argue and say amusing things, like this:

Bantam12, patting his face worriedly one morning at breakfast: "Mom, can your upper lip get pins and needles?"

Or this brilliant piece of advice from a 4-year-old big sister to her 2-year-old brother (obviously based in her vast experience):

"Don't put your nose in Bantam16's socks. His socks smell gross."

Happy Birthday, Mom! We're looking forward to your visit!

(You too, Dad, even though it's not your birthday!)


Anonymous said...


We tried calling Mom but couldn't get her --- this blog explains everything. Please pass along our birthday wishes to her. We love you all!

Sis in law in FL

At A Hen's Pace said...


Have done!

Love you all too--


Jenny in Ca said...

oh sweet of your mom to make the drive. Enjoy your visit!!