Thursday, August 02, 2007

Backyard Days

I took these pictures back in June--of the 17-year cicada that spends most of its life underground in the nymph stage, only emerging as an adult for a few short weeks every 17 years.

Since they are found nowhere else in the world except in parts of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, I just thought you all might like a good look at one!

They're supposed to be good eatin'...but we wouldn't know.

And here's a fine specimen of a much cuter species:


marye said...

we have cicadas just not htat kind..and I have never tried one either, altho perhaps stir fried with a bit of ginger?

Donna Boucher said...

What a little cutie!

Your baby, not that creepy cicada.
We do not have those here in Southern Wisconsin.
I don't know why?
But thank goodness.

But your little boy is beautiful!

blue thistle books said...

I have never seen one close up. They are neat looking...for a bug that is.

You're right, he is a MUCH cuter species! And thanks for not telling me how tasty they are...I haven't had breakfast yet!


HowToMe said...

What a great photo of the cicada! I've examined their abandoned exoskeletons before but do not recall seeing the actual owner :-)

Your little one is adorable. :-)

Jenny in Ca said...

thanks for sharing, I have never seen a cicada before!

your boy is precious!