Monday, August 06, 2007

Of Visits and Visitors

I'm sure you've all been lying awake nights wondering what has happened to me and Striving Towards Divine Love. Neither of us has posted since Thursday--aren't you worried about us?

Just kidding....

Actually, we're having a lovely visit at my parent's home in Ohio, along with her husband (my brother)and their two girls, and my other brother, his wife and their three girls. ("Do your kids have any boy cousins?" my niece asked me today. And the answer My parents are hosting us all beautifully, and today we were joined by my 95-year-old grandmother, my great-aunt and -uncle, their son (my cousin once removed), and my mother's cousin and her husband, for the afternoon. Such riches of family!

I'd love to post pictures of our day at the fair, our trip to the children's museum, the cousins all together...but I forgot that essential cord that downloads the photos.

Between meals (it seems we're always cleaning up from one or getting ready for another!), I've had little time for writing as I'm too busy gabbing with my relatives--oh, and reading the last Harry Potter book, late at night. But, in keeping with the family theme, I offer you--my kids' latest posts.

Bantam 16 updated his blog, To Heaven and Kingdom Come, awhile back and I've been remiss in not linking to his post about his thoughts on having Asperger's Syndrome.

And Blondechick14 has started a new blog, Drama Ditz. She'd love visitors!


Summer in FL said...

Having a great time -- wish we could be together more often. Pop over and look at the story of how your pilot brother and I met. It's a series --- yippee!

Love you guys!

Jenny in Ca said...

have a wonderful visit! Can't wait to see the photos!