Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Good To Be Home...

We are safely returned from Ohio--yea!! As we traveled down the highway, I asked the kids to pray with me for safety and, oh yeah, why don't we give thanks for the blessings of our visit?

Their thanks were heartfelt and comprehensive:

--for going to the fair
--for having so much fun on the rides
--for playing Airsoft at Grandma and Grandpa's
--for eating meals together with our relatives
--for being with our cousins
--for going to the Indianapolis Children's Museum and staying in a hotel one night
--for keeping all of our families safe as we traveled there
--for rides on the Toro Twister with Grandpa
--for learning new things (this referred to Pilot Uncle teaching initially reluctant boys how to use tools and farm equipment)
--for memories we will never forget

I have lots of photos but one will suffice for today. Here are all eleven cousins! Professor Brother's girls are the ones in matching blue flowered dresses; the littlest one in yellow and the 7-month old on the floor are Pilot Brother's (whose wife, Summer, blogs here). The rest I have to claim....

We had a tough time getting the youngest six to stay put--let alone smile!

Okay, wait, one more. We couldn't get over how much these two looked alike:

That's my Bantam2.5 and Pilot Brother and Summer's Maddie, who's two in about 6 weeks. Isn't it funny how they have the same haircut, yet she looks so feminine and he's all boy!

(Actually, I think his hair is longer....)

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The Drama Ditz said...

Oh oh oh!
I miss all them cousins. :]