Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Glamorous Spider Woman

Wilbur: "I think you're beautiful!"

Charlotte: "Well, I am pretty. There's no denying that. Almost all spiders are rather nice-looking. I'm not as flashy as some, but I'll do."

Here is the lovely Charlotte in her barn in the first act.

This is at a dress rehearsal; we got her some darker lipstick after this. She's wearing false eyelashes, metallic, glittery eyeshadow, and glitter on her cheeks and lips. She tries to keep that hood pulled back a little more too.

When she raises two arms, six go up!
(We also got her some cushions to sit on--for comfort and to raise her up in that window a bit more.)

And here she is on top of Wilbur's pen at the county fair, in the second act.
Where she breathes her last.... [Dramatic sigh!]
(These are all stills from our video camera; this is the best one to enlarge if you click it.)

She only gets to come down from the window or roof twice--once during the song "Charlotte's Web" when she weaves in and out between Web Dancers in the half-dark, and then at curtain call:

When we were first thinking of whether we should audition for Charlotte's Web or not (it was up in the air because of our house for sale and hoped-for move), Blondechick and Bantam12 were both not too excited. It seemed that many of their friends were going to skip this show, because who wants to be a barn animal? they thought (or they had other reasons).

"But you might really have a good chance of being Charlotte!" I said.

"Ughhhh," she replied. "I could NEVER be a SPIDER...!"


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

It is a wonderful role though. I don't much care for Julia Roberts but I loved the Charlotte character in the most recent movie. I'm glad BlondeChick changed her mind. She makes a beautiful, poised, but warm-looking spider.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can pull off a glamorous, poised, well-wishing big black spider....must be good! Can't wait to see it! Pianomum

Traci said...

:D Great pics!

Catherine said...

Ah, maybe if I had played a spider, I would have learned to love them. Everyone loves Charlotte! :)