Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well, this week we've been busily trying to catch up on school days missed, as well as restoring order to a home that appeared to have been struck by a tornado last week. We've been spurred on by the knowledge that the cleaning service AND Grandma and Grandpa are both coming Thursday afternoon....

And Thursday night, we start up again with a performance! Another on Friday, two on Saturday, Strike Party on Sunday. It'll go by too fast. (I'll be busy, but I have posts planned. Stay tuned!)

I've been feeling much better. Blondechick14 is going to be okay for the shows, I think--so far the congestion has not descended to her chest where it would affect her voice. She was headache-y all day today, but she could have performed. Hopefully she'll hold out and begin to improve soon.

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