Monday, October 29, 2007

No Small Parts

Well, Charlotte's Web is over. What a mixed bag of feelings I have! Pride of accomplishment, joy in seeing kids performing their hearts out for God's glory, sadness that it's all over, nostalgia for this unrepeatable cast--and relief that life can go back to normal for awhile now.

It really was a great show--the best Charlotte's Web our Chicago-area executive director said he's ever seen, and he's directed it twice himself! What made it so good?

All the small things added up:

The director made improvements to the script.
All the leads were strong vocally, and we had a great music director.
It "looked" great--the blocking and use of the whole stage, thanks to our wonderful director.
Our terrific choreographer came up with such cute dances, and the ensembles performed them with so much energy.
"There are no small parts"--so many kids took a small part and really milked it.
At the ninth hour, the kids and the backstage crew were challenged to pick up the pacing of the show, and they came through! It really moved.
Prayer. The whole show, the whole cast, all the families were bathed in prayer.

Friends who knew the show said, "You guys took a ho-hum show and made it really great!" I'm convinced it was because of all the small things done well. As Mother Theresa famously said: "There are no small things, only small things done in great love."

Every production takes many people willing to do many small things. There were 69 families involved in Charlotte's Web--88 onstage and twice that number behind the scenes, hammering, sewing, wiring, loading, painting (sets and faces), selling, ushering, planning, directing...all talents were appreciated, in whatever quantities of time we could manage.

There is a lot of advice that circulates to moms on how to "just say no" to getting roped in to responsibilities at church or school, and some of us really need to hear it. But let me put in a word for saying yes. It can be exciting and rewarding to say yes to small things that are part of a big thing that God wants to do.

The church needs us all. She needs our talents, our gifts, our time in whatever increments we can give it. How can the church fulfill the Great Commission (including discipling our own children), care for widows, orphans and aliens, and lead us in worship of a holy God without people willing to invest their energies in it? How can God fulfill his purposes without people?

You don't have to play a lead role. Be willing to take a bit part. Be part of an ensemble. Co-chair a committee overseeing one small area. Learn your small part, show up faithfully for your scene every week, and help your children do the same. Look for ways to serve as a family. Model balanced involvement for your children.

You may find that you get more out of it than you give! You may be surprised at the rewards that come from serving. You may find opportunities to learn valuable lessons when things get difficult interpersonally. You may find your small part to be a source of great joy in the accomplishment of the whole. "The Lord loves a cheerful giver."

And let me just tell you: It's FUN to be part of making a ho-hum "show" into a great one! Maybe all your local church needs is for you or your family to add your small part to the whole. It's great to be part of something big--and there's nothing bigger or more exciting than the work of God's kingdom!

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Traci said...

What a great post! You are so right, there are NO small parts!
I'm sorry I missed this amazing production!