Saturday, October 27, 2007

I promise that soon I will return to writing scintillating posts on topics other than children's theater and the musical Charlotte's Web.

I promise.

But today I'm busy doing makeup for the two final shows and attending a late-night cast party. And tomorrow I'm going to church and the Strike Party/recognition bash.

So I give you a couple of Charlotte's Web links for the weekend. Just so you can vicariously overdose on it along with me:

Professional photos of the show. "Wed Final Dress" is probably the best group of photos to view, but feel free to check out the "Cast, Group and Individual" photos or the "Fri Schoolday" group.

Blondechick14's recent blog post about the show: "It's Not Easy Being a Spider."

Bantam12's short post on the show.


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Traci said...

Thanks for those links!