Sunday, December 09, 2007

Godspell Casting

The cast list is up, and it's good news and bad news all around:

Rejoicing that all three of our kids got in;
sadness over friends who didn't make it.

Disappointment that Blondechick isn't a Disciple;
excitement that she's in a featured dance ensemble.

Curiosity at where Bantam12's part as a robber
(with the Keystone Cops) comes in;
and uncertainty whether Bantam8,
as part of the Kids' Ensemble, has any lines.

Relief that the waiting is over!

Exhaustion from all the waiting!

Rehearsals begin this weekend, then we get a break for the holidays.

As I said before, we're just excited that we get to do this show! We thought we wouldn't be here for it.

We thank thee then, O Father, for all things bright and good,
The seedtime and the harvest, our life, our health, our food,
No gifts have we to offer for all thy love imparts
But that which thou desirest, our humble thankful hearts!

All good gifts around us
Are sent from Heaven above..
Then thank the Lord, thank the Lord for all his love...

Praise God from whom "All Good Gifts" come!


Summer in FL said...

Congratulations to all!!!! Sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

Traci said...

I'm glad they were all able to get in! ;)

Anonymous said...

The auditions must have gone well---tell the three to keep practicing them so we can hear them soon...Congratulations for all getting in the show! Pianomum

Erin said...

I'm so glad they all got in!!! (Tell Blondechick I miss her blogging...)

Islandsparrow said...

Congratulations to your 3! Looking forward to all the great pictures!

Bronwen said...

Congratulations to the "chicks", and patience and endurance to you all for the learning of lines, dance routines and rehearsals to come ;)