Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Birthday Open Mic

Today is my 43rd birthday. Yay!!

I'm feeling brave and a little like a celebrity.

So just for fun, let's turn the comments box into an "open mic" and everybody ask me whatever you want. Silly or serious--it's all good.

I got a great question from Linds on my blogiversary post, but a few more would be fun!

I'm not promising when I'll answer: If it's a question that requires thought and a longish answer, consider it fodder for future posts; but if I get enough that I can answer in a few words, I'll do so in a day or two.

...The mic is open!


Anonymous said...

Who is your favorite child? Ha! Just kiddin'.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Yay! First off, happy birthday!


What is the most important lesson you've had to learn in life? It can be moral, practical, whatever.


If somebody gave you $100 to blow on yourself today, what would you do with it? NO paying bills, etc. You have to spend it on YOU and YOU alone.

Erin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine was just yesterday. :)

What's your favorite musical?
If you could play any part in any musical, what would it be and why?
What's the best play you've ever seen?
What's your favorite song?

islandsparrow said...

Happy birthday dear Jeanne!'

What makes you most happy?

Anonymous said...


As someone who has almost no direct access to mothers with children older than mine, I'd love to hear about how you've dealt with faith issues with your have you responded when they've resisted spiritual things? How have you encouraged their hearts toward the Lord? How do you help them through questions of theodicy?

Jen in Seattle

Linds said...

Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I hope you have had a wonderful day. Diana is packing and is off in a few hours. I will be back when I can think straight.

Bronwen said...

Belated birthday greetings Jeanne!
Have you been to England?
Have you travelled much worldwide?
Which is favourite place to go? (vacation/retreat/escape)
How do you "fill your cup" when life throws you doubts and darkness leaving you feeling empty and a long way off from God?

amy in roscoe said...

What is one thing that most people don't know about you, and would be surprised to find out?

p.s. Happy B-day, Jeanne!

Amy Silvestri

Jenny in Ca said...


Happy belated Birthday! (can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading??) I hope you had a great time at Macoroni grill!