Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday--Plan Your Own Birthday Party

(Sorry, I wrote this post before I realized it was Backwards WFMW!)

Since today is my birthday, I thought I'd share what I do to celebrate my own birthday (besides a date with my husband and dessert with my children). (And cards--they always make me cards!)

I invite my friends to meet me for dinner (we've always gone to a conveniently-located Macaroni Grill) for a Ladies' Night Out in honor of my birthday. No presents, just your presence, I tell them, and you may all split the cost of my meal, if you insist.

It has become such a nice tradition that everyone looks forward to. Some from the original group have moved away (I'll miss you this year, Nancy!) and others have been added, but I so appreciate my women friends and their input into my life. Someone always asks a reflective question about what the last year taught me, and this year I plan to ask the several older women what advice they have for a 43-year-old. (I shall report anything of general interest!)

And sometimes you just need a compelling reason to go out to dinner with the girls--especially in January--and this reason seems to work for me!

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tickledpink.nicole said...

Happy birthday!

ellen b. said...

A very happy birthday to you. I think it's great to plan something like that for your birthday.

JanMary said...

Happy Birthday from Northern Ireland. I love the "presence not presents" - great idea.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I thought 8:00 your time was too early to call you this morning, & I had no other time until tonight when I know you're "out", so here's the special greeting to my special gal! Love, Mom

Totallyscrappy said...

I hope you enjoyed your birthday!!