Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week in Review

So besides Godspell, we had a few other things going on in the past week....

My mom, dad, sister-in-law and two nieces were here for four days--what a treat! It was the first time Summer had ever been to visit at our house, so it was fun showing her around and taking her to our "mother" church--the church we attended for 16 years before starting the church plant. (Father Rooster was at Light of Christ in Wisconsin, but we didn't want to ask visitors--who'd already spent six hours in the car getting here--to spend another three hours, round trip, in the car to attend there. Hopefully next time they visit, it'll be a short trip to head there for church!)

My parents and Summer rotated babysitting and show-seeing, as well as maintaining the disaster area that our home always becomes during dress rehearsal/show week. They cheerfully picked up toys, served meals, did dishes, kept up potty-training and folded laundry. Summer worked magic with the Magic Eraser on a multitude of my walls and attempted to get crayon out of the grout on the brick fireplace (suggestions, anyone?) to help with the overall get-it-ready-to-put-back-on-the-market effort. My mother emptied out my overflowing mending drawer--God bless her! And my dad entertained four preschoolers for hours.

The visit wasn't all work and no play, however. Summer had a great time with us after the Friday night show at the Opening Night party; my parents enjoyed driving to and seeing the show with Father's Rooster's parents. We had a nice lunch out, after church, and Summer and I found a few hours on Sunday afternoon to rendezvous with Megan, which was a highlight for us both. (She's looking fabulous and ridiculously non-pregnant for as far along as she is!) The cousins put in many hours of playtime, and we all got to see my baby niece take her first steps!

And we celebrated two birthdays with all four grandparents, plus aunt, cousins, and all of us, of course. Bantam9 and Bantam3 enjoyed the attention and the presents, and were especially relieved to see that Mom had lifted the no-desserts-during-Lent policy for one evening. (Chocolate cake drizzled with raspberries--mmmmm!) We were sorry when everyone had to leave a day early to avoid the coming snow.

On the home front, our painter friend got both boys' bedrooms in the basement painted, including the ceilings and stairway leading to the basement. We stripped all the wallpaper from the main level half bath, and he got all the chips and holes plastered over and sanded before being called away to deal with a burst water pipe at home. So I'm still in suspense over how "The Big Chill"--a pale blue, to match the blue tile we decided to leave--is going to look. Darn it! He may not be able to get back for awhile.

Healthwise, I still haven't miscarried, though I've been having symptoms for the past week. I've been telling my doctor that I'm just too busy to come in for a D & C (which is the truth), but I guess I'm scheduling one for next week. Still praying it'll happen naturally before then, if you'd like to join me. I'm still feeling ickily nauseous and fatigued.

So where are all the pictures from the show? I'm sure some of you are wondering. Well, we got a new camera, which is wonderful, but changes always mean more time and work initally, and I haven't had the time or energy lately to spend figuring out new things. Fortunately Papa Rooster has enjoyed that and we have some (though he was stuck at the airport for one of the dress rehearsals and we only had one more, due to a snow cancellation of the final one), but they're too huge to upload and have to be resized. I have some on my old camera but I've been too busy to upload them, and we have high-def video images we could choose from too--but I need P.R.'s help with that too. Sooo, maybe this weekend while we're AT the shows, he can work on selecting the blog-worthy shots and getting them blog-ready. (Thanks, hon! Will you be my valentine?<3)

We have a show tonight, one Friday night, two on Saturday, cast party after, Strike Party on Sunday afternoon--then it'll be a wrap!


Erin said...

I'm glad Godspell is going so well! I hope you have a great final weekend with it.

Brea said...

Sounds like a great visit with the fam! Still praying for you, and let me know if you figure out the crayon-in-grout thing. David grabbed the older kids' colors last week and tried to add some color to most of the house. I had forgotten how much ... uh, fun this age (16 months) can be! :)

Happy Valentine's!!


Anonymous said...

Crayon in the grout -- definitely use "Desolveit" (pronounced "desolve it") . . . I find it at my local grocery store or Walmart. The stuff works WONDERS! It can be used on so many things . . . and it desolves the "waxiness" of the crayons. Scrub with an old toothbrush to get in the grout. If it doesn't work alone, add some "degreaser" to it. Let me know if it works for you!


Islandsparrow said...

Praying for you Jeanne.


Kelly Brooke Fugate said...

My heart and thoughts and prayers are with you, beautiful strong woman! I am anxious to hear any further news.

Much, much love,
Kelly (for all the Fugates)