Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Showing!

Someone is coming this morning to look at our finally somewhat finished, clean-as-we-can-get-it, beautifully manicured and polished home.

And let me tell you, there's nothing like that first phone call to make you realize how many areas of your home still need attention!

Between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. last night, I:

--Magic-Erasered Chicklet's name (written in ink) off her closet door
--cleaned the glass panels of the fireplace grill--inside and outside
--cleaned the kitchen sink (again)
--scrubbed all the kitchen backsplash tiles
--removed everything from the kitchen countertops except the toaster, coffee maker and stand mixer
--wiped the fronts of the fridge, dishwasher, stove and microwave
--Soft-Scrubbed the kitchen countertops and the scuffs on the front of the dishwasher
--cleaned the wood on the cabinet door which holds the trash bag frame (gross)
--wiped dust from the little ridges on the front of each kitchen cabinet door
--scrubbed milk stains from the kitchen tile grout
--washed the doors to the laundry room and the garage
--washed light switches in the laundry room and garage
--rearranged the pantry to make room for the cereal boxes that we usually store on top of the fridge

This morning, before leaving to take little kids to a friend's house and big kids to Oliver! rehearsal, I dusted, straightened, cleaned mirrors, ordered kids around and left lists for Bantam17 and Papa Rooster to finish up and vacuum.

Now...if only it could stay that way for the next six months!

But MAYBE--if we pick out a house tomorrow--we can move before I have to do it all over again too many more times....

Please pray with us, if you will, that we will hear clearly from the Lord concerning the choice of our next house...for wisdom for the leadership team at Light of Christ as they determine the best way to help us financially with housing...for a buyer for this house...soon? or at least with a minimum of further expenditure of time and energy on the house-selling project.

As Bantam9 prayed last year:

"Dear Lord, please help us sell this house soon so we can stop cleaning."

If you want to paraphrase--"Lord, help that house to sell so she can stop blogging about it"--please, go right ahead!

(I've got three more hours till Oliver! rehearsal is over.... After I catch up on some email, I might just go start a post about something else!)


Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, everyone will enjoy that "spit & polish" feeling enough to keep sustaining it! Can't be all that bad to enjoy the New feeling! Maybe this will have some benefits for your entire family--we'll keep thinking positive about it all....Love, Pianomum

tonia said...


I wish for you a magical day where the house stays clean for more than 5 seconds. Wouldn't it be amazing?

re: house blogging....

well, it's reality isn't it? this is where we live, with houses that won't sell and won't stay clean, and a whole bunch of good things on top of that. :) keep writing!

sending hugs long distance..