Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Day on the Market

Well, our house is officially on the market as of this morning, and I have laundry strewn all over the family room by my rambunctious preschoolers, several nearly-packed boxes of stuff in various rooms, stuff all over that I haven't dealt with because I've been busy cleaning, and generally that "looking-worse-before it-looks-better" thing going.

But hey, our garage is empty (of boxes and furniture) and our windows are clean--all but the doors and the couple that I said I'd do to save money. Will get to those today. It's supposed to rain today, of course. Coulda told you that yesterday without looking at the weather report. It always rains the day after you wash windows!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on paint colors for my dining room area. A lot of you mentioned some variation on the yellow theme, which I was thinking as well, but just not sure what shade. Lemon yellow wouldn't work with the rust floor and the warm oak kitchen cabinetry, and creamy yellow, I thought, wouldn't be enough contrast from the butter tan I had used so much elsewhere in the house.

But I was at Aldi yesterday and saw a kitchen rug in the most perfect shade of pale harvest gold! It will look so good with the floor, our corner bench and table, and the cabinets. I just have to make sure I choose a shade that's muted enough--not too intense--to make sure it comes across as fairly neutral. But I think it will really tie in and look good with everything else.

But I have plenty to do today without planning a wallpaper-stripping party yet....


Maxine said...

Is this a family blog where strangers are not invited or expected?
Anyhow..nice to stumble upon here.Nice space you have here :)

At A Hen's Pace said...


Anyone is welcome here!

However, a good number of my readers are friends and family, and today's post was probably more geared to them and to regular readers who've been following our adventures!



Summer in FL said...

Good job Jeanne! I think the Harvest gold will look marvelous!