Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something for Everyone

If home decorating--er, marketing--isn't really your thing (see next post), here are a couple of links to other Holy Week recaps:

Anne Kennedy recounts the glorious highs and the pathetic lows of their Holy Week services--with her own teething toddler and a sermon to write. I think my Rez friends and ex-pats will find her post quite amusing. (Remember back to the days when we were just figuring out that we needed rehearsals for Easter Vigil??)

And Rez friends may remember Father Steve Hoskins and his wife Sarah (and our godson Stuart) who moved to Colorado to help plant a church there. Well, Steve commented (on my post):

We know that ache of leaving well (though we were actually in the Rez community only a few years compared to your decade and a half). This time of year is always hardest for Sarah and me in our baby church. I shed tears reading that beautiful encouragement from Ezra. But let me also encourage you - your excitement in looking toward what may someday be is well founded. After Easter Sunday worship Sarah turned to me and said, "This is the first year that I am not sad and missing Rez so badly." Our Holy Week was deeply blessed - and while we too are working on new wineskins, check out these pictures and I think you will agree that there is a family resemblance!

I do see the family resemblance to Rez! It is so encouraging to see their church plant doing so well and to hear of their contentment this year.

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Anne Kennedy said...

Thanks for the link! I was reading back through the whole week and was frankly amazed that I managed to write anything.

Still praying for your move. We might be shoved out of the rectory and church (not tomorrow, but who knows when) and I've started sorting in my mind and prioritizing. Your vast clean house is a great inspiration.