Thursday, April 24, 2008

Delightful Dickens

So while we've been sick, we watched all 8 episodes of this:

...because we enjoyed this so much back in February:

And as I was searching online for a picture, I discovered this more recent version:

...which we're now eager to check out! (--after we move, and preferably when we aren't sick)

Between the two we've seen, the kids liked Our Mutual Friend better. Since it was more recent, the production quality was higher; also, the story has more likable characters. Papa Rooster and I thought the acting was so well-done in both.

We had to force the complainers to hang in there for the first few episodes of both, but soon they were nonchalantly asking when we were going to watch another episode.

Highly recommended.


Kate said...

Ah yes. One thing the BBC does very well is period dramas. A few months ago there were several remakes of the Jane Austen films, and at Easter they (teamed with HBO) did a fantastic miniseries on the Passion. I'm not sure when these will make it over to the States though. There's nothing like a BBC production to take your mind off being sick!

Thanks for your comment and prayers. I've not been very good at commenting on blogs recently, but I have been lurking and following your housing adventures. You've been in my thoughts and prayers, even though I haven't said before now!


PS While I'm singing the praises of BBC period dramas, I thought I should warn you away from their series on ancient Rome and Henry VIII, also done in partnership with HBO. I fear HBO had too much of an influence, and they turned into real smut. Sad, because they had so much potential to be good.

Mrs. A said...

Hey Jeanne--

My first post...Mr. A and I watched the newer version of "Bleak House" last year and really enjoyed it. We looked forward to it every Sunday night.

Maybe when you move up here we can watch it together. We'd love to watch the other 2, as well.

Mrs. A

At A Hen's Pace said...

Kate--So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the recommendations and the warnings.

Mrs. A--How fun to see your comment. I never could think what to call you, if I needed to mention you, and now I know! ;)

We will look forward to watching with you!


Brea said...

Oh, I'm so sorry everyone is sick. Many prayers that everyone will be feeling much better soon. Let us know how the old version and the newer version compare!