Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Variation on Murphy's Law [UPDATED]

After all these months of waiting for the green light, you can imagine how eager I am to begin packing in earnest!

But instead--and I'm not complaining--we've had several showings in the past few days, and I've had to concentrate on cleaning and putting everything away, rather than pulling everything out as I'd like to. And then, just when it looked like I could really begin...

The stomach flu hit our house.

We haven't had one of these for over a year--even when they were going around among all our kids' friends this winter--and I'm grateful. But...darn it! Right now?

Yesterday, we had a realtor come through. We've asked for four hours notice, but she called to ask if she could come by in an hour, alone, without any clients, just to see if it was a house worth showing to some buyers who only have a couple days to see houses and make a decision. "You don't have to clean or leave or anything," she assured me.

I warned her that half our family was sick with the flu, so she didn't stay long. But it was kinda funny as she kept encountering sleeping child after sacked-out child, all with buckets at their head. "Oh, my--how many children do you have??" she asked with concern.

But she liked the house and wants to bring her buyers soon as we can all leave....

Hopefully later today??


Turns out she's NOT bringing her buyers after all--disappointing, but also a relief.

And I forgot to give an update on Baby Mary, who had the heart surgery--she came home last Saturday!!! She still has a bit of fluid around her heart, which was a concern that caused her to spend some extra days in the hospital. They're still watching it--please join me in praying that it diminishes and that Mary's recovery is complete with no further complications.

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