Monday, April 21, 2008


Please pray for our friends, the Fawcetts. It looks like John's final days on earth are near, Margie is reporting on her blog this morning.

[UPDATE: Quite an amazing turn of events at the Fawcett home, Margie reports this afternoon!]

You can also see pictures of a gathering in their home last night, for worship and prayer, which Father Rooster and I attended. It was a privilege and a blessing to be there. But I also felt such a great grief. It is so hard to think of losing hard to watch his family go through this. His parents, missionaries in Brazil, were there, and I especially felt such sadness for them. There can surely be no other pain like that of watching your child, your firstborn son--especially one of such genius and promise--go through such suffering and deterioration.

Lord, have mercy on us, one and all.

And yet, we still prayed for healing, that every day ordained for John would come to pass, that every purpose for his life would be accomplished. Even his own sense of "a freedom to go," as Margie puts it, cannot change the number of days which God has written in his book for John. What a blessed promise.

Thanks for your prayers.


We did take pictures yesterday, when we were in the new house--actually Father Rooster did, while I was measuring. (I can't wait to find my stash of graph paper and start trying out virtual furniture arrangements!)

But I have serious picture-posting issues. He took them with the new super-duper camera, which I know nothing about yet, and when one downloads them, they're in a different format than the old camera. (And do I sound like I have time to learn a new thing??) So I need help before I can post pics.

And I HAD before and after dining room/kitchen pictures on my old camera--but somehow Blondechick15 and I have lost it between the two of us; she thought I had it, I thought she had it. I hope it's only temporarily misplaced.

So, pictures...sometime this week...hopefully....


And please, don't forget to pray for all the Fawcetts--John & Margie, their children Charlotte & Josiah, and John's parents, Bill & Mary.


Anonymous said...

Hen--You GOTTA go check out Margie's blog now (5pm)!!! Praise the Lord!

Becoming Me said...

I just prayed for this family