Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend House-Related Plans

This afternoon, we have someone coming to see our house--for the second time!

Whether they turn into buyers or not, it is very encouraging, in this market, to have a second showing.

The house is in pretty good shape because we just dusted and cleaned bathrooms and all that for the showing we had on Wednesday. But I'll still spend my afternoon touching it up--oh, and hanging pictures in my boring dining area. After we took the wallpaper down, we couldn't believe how blah it looked. So I've spent more hours than I care to count this week selecting pictures and picture groupings to bring home and try in the dining area--and returning those and purchasing new ones and returning all but the three we're going to keep. Once they're up, maybe I'll finally take a picture to post!

I've also spent more hours than I want to total up on my laptop, poring over WI listings in new areas and in a different price range. It's so strange how the dominoes have fallen in our housing search: If we're going to consider x, then why not y, and if y, then of course z, and how come we skipped over s, t, u and v in the first place? Well, because x was what we really wanted. But since x doesn't seem to exist...then we really ought to explore all the other variables! (Can you tell I've been helping my freshman daughter with algebra? I tell ya, it's all coming back to me.)

Tomorrow we're going to look at variables we haven't considered before--especially those in a lower price range in areas we had previously thought were too far away from where we wanted to be. (If we could pay 2/3z for [s? t? u? v?]> or =x...)

So pray for wisdom and discernment for us tomorrow, if you think of us. And patience, if we just need to keep waiting. It is a buyer's market, after all.

But if we get an offer from the folks coming back today, our realtor said they already asked if we could close in June. Wonder if that means June 1 or June 30.... Either way, I'd like to have a house to move into. (Spare us, Lord, from having to put everything in storage and live in our RV for a month!)

(But thanks, Lord, that we have that option...I don't want to be ungrateful.)

Your prayers--especially for the timing of this move--are so much appreciated!

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Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Definitely encouraging! Hope it went well!