Friday, April 11, 2008

Please Pray Today! [UPDATED]

...for Mary, a 4 month old baby girl we know who is undergoing a complete heart repair surgery today. You can see pictures, read a little about her, and watch for updates here. She's a darling, smiley girl who is adored by her parents and big brothers!

It was a privilege to attend her chrismation at the Easter Vigil at Church of the Resurrection--pictures here. She, like Bantam3, had an emergency baptism at the hospital. But at the Vigil, her parents joined the other parents whose babies were being baptized, and when it was her turn, they just "sealed" her baptism with holy oil on her forehead, and the words, "Mary, you are sealed by the Holy Spirit in baptism, and marked as Christ's own forever." The priest also prayed for her upcoming surgery at that time.

This brought back memories for me, as it was exactly how we handled Bantam3's emergency baptism; he was chrismated publically at a baptismal service on Pentecost. The theology of infant baptism is a subject for another post, but just let me tell you, as a mom who's been there, that it is such a comfort in situations like these!

Lord, we pray today for your child, Mary. Guide the doctors with all wisdom and skill. May they be able to repair your wondrous creation, her heart, in such a way that it will function well for decades to come. We pray for her parents and her brothers, that You would grant them the gifts of peace and hope while they wait for the surgery's end and for the day that they can bring her home again. We pray for healing and a quick recovery time for Mary, that that day may come soon. Amen.

UPDATE: Wow! Mary's parents report that the surgery resulted in the best possible outcomes: the doctors were able to save Mary's pulmonary valve, and she came off the heart-lung bypass machine as if her heart had never missed a beat. Praise the Lord for these blessings!

And a clarification, since someone asked: Chrismation (at least in the tradition of the Anglican churches we've been part of) is the sacrament administered right after baptism, usually, when the newly baptized is anointed with oil and the priest proclaims, "You are sealed by the Holy Spirit in baptism, and marked as Christ's own forever." In Mary's and Bantam3's cases, the baptism occurred in the hospital, and the "final step," the chrismation, happened weeks later as a public statement in church.


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Annie said...

Jeanne, I'm praying. Thanks for spurring us to prayer!

Heather said...

I'll certainly keep little Mary in my prayers. What exactly is chrismation? I've heard of christening and baby dedication - is it a combination? And I would love to read a post about your thoughts concerning infant baptism. As a Bible-belt area Southern Baptist, I've never had a chance to hear the "other" point of view on the subject.

Amy said...

Praying for this adorable little one!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers!

Heather, I'm glad you're interested. I would really like to write a post on that and you've given me the perfect opening! It may have to wait till we move, but I've got a few points already sketched out. I grew up American Baptist (with a GARB influence on my mother's side) and never heard any explanation of the "other side," either, for many years of my life.


Farrah said...

Thanks for the update...I have been praying all day! Praise God for his faithfulness and protection!