Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Are We Moving North Again?

My friend Amy--just to make me doubt the Lord's call, I am sure (just kidding!)--sent me this, lest the balmy spring weather make me forget that we are moving the wrong direction, longitudinally speaking:

Winter in Wisconsin


(all temperatures in Fahrenheit)

60 above zero: Floridians turn on the heat.
People in Wisconsin plant gardens.

50 above zero: Californians shiver uncontrollably.
People in Wisconsin sunbathe.

40 above zero: Italian & English cars won't start.
People in Wisconsin drive with the windows down.

32 above zero: Distilled water freezes.
The water in Lake Michigan gets thicker.

20 above zero: Floridians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves, wool hats.
People in Wisconsin throw on a flannel shirt.

15 above zero: New York landlords finally turn up the heat.
People in Wisconsin have the last cookout before it gets cold.

Zero: People within 200 miles of Miami all die.
Wisconsinites close their windows.

10 below zero: Hollywood stops making movies - paparazzi move to Europe.
The Girl Scouts in Wisconsin are selling cookies door to door.

25 below zero: Californians emigrate to Mexico.
People in Wisconsin get out their winter coats.

40 below zero: Washington DC runs out of hot air. (about time too!)
People in Wisconsin let their dogs sleep indoors.

100 below zero: Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.
Wisconsinites make homemade ice cream.

459.67 below zero (absolute zero, on the Kelvin scale): ALL atomic motion stops
People in Wisconsin start saying "Cold enough fer ya?"

500 below zero: Hell freezes over.
Wisconsin public schools will open 2 hours late.

My hat's off to Wisconsin!


Now, since we're only moving about 50 miles north of where we currently live in upstate Illinois, I seriously doubt that WI will be that much different. In fact, being right on Lake Michigan will have a moderating effect on our temps year-round. As any Chicagoan who's ever listened to a few weather reports knows, in the winter it's always "warmer by the lake" and in summer, "cooler by the lake." (Please, Wisconsinites, if I'm wrong, break it to me gently!)

I'm just grateful not to be moving to Minnesota! That's where our sending church planted its last daughter church. Our pastor's brother--who is also a pastor--and his wife actually wanted to live there, since her family was there, and though I personally thought they needed counseling, they moved and started a church and it grew like a weed in the tundra. They bought a building right away and filled it up so quickly, they had to start having two services on Sunday mornings.

So maybe north is the Spirit-led direction after all....

Anyway, MY hat's off to the Minnesotans! (Right, Wisconsinites? It's the MN'ns who really have it bad. Right?)

(Don't miss the comments on this post for the insider information from the natives!)


Babs said...

OK I'll be as gentle as I can. "Cooler near the lake" only counts if one is near the lake. By the time one gets 4 or 5 miles away the effect is lost. I followed the link to Church of the Cross and remembered my family visiting them and how they put us in touch with Light of Christ and started our journey. So much we owe to those good people!


At A Hen's Pace said...


Oh noooo!! Another reason to wait till we find a house nearer the lake, you mean??!

Lord, send it quickly!



stephseef said...

i live about a mile from the lake. it's a little warmer in the winter, sure, but there's a crazy wind that comes of the lake at other times making it MUCH colder than anyplace else. and the lake effect snow? holy cow. in one storm this winter it made a 9 inch difference. BUT, in the summer... there's nothing like the beach in Racine. It's voted one of the best in the USA! Who would have thought it.

stephseef said...

ps - the UP of Michigan has it worse than Minnesota, I think...

Amy said...

And let's not forget Canada--I mean, there is a whole other country of people up in the frozen(er) north.

At A Hen's Pace said...

True, true--Canada and the UP both trump MN.

But they wouldn't have given me a chance to blog about Church of the Cross!


Thanks, Steph, for the tip on the Racine beach--we will definitely check it out this summer!

And the lake effect snow...yeah. I knew about that. Just don't don't like to think about it... On the other hand, I've always been of the philosophy that if one must endure cold in the winter, one might as well have snow and plenty of it!

So bring it on. We're gonna love it. I'm sure.

Absolutely certain.