Friday, June 20, 2008

Gettin' There

I get to cross one enormous project off my list!

I decided to use rock around the pathstones, instead of mulch, to make it more permanently (ha!) weed-free.

And that little plant in the bed on the left is a start of rhubarb! I was so glad I went back to the big home improvement store for the rocks and noticed that rhubarb plant on the shelf. I never planted any at our old house because our neighbor let us pick his. I love low-maintenance, fruit-bearing perennials!

While there, I also purchased seeds for a couple varieties of lettuce, but they were all out of cherry or grape tomato plants. So I got an acorn squash plant instead. Yum!

So here's another project (not the balance beam!):

Another raised bed, I had assumed, though it did seem like an awkward spot to put a vegetable garden, as the view out the master bedroom seating area, plus it's in shade all afternoon. Unsure what to put in there, I was just going to have the boys hack it down until later.

In an unrelated mystery (I thought), piles of sand kept appearing on the patio, though we have no sandbox. Finally I asked Chicklet5 where they were coming from. Bantam3 did that, she explained. Yes, but where is he getting the sand from?

To my surprise, she took me around to the far side of the awkwardly-placed "raised bed" and pointed to where Bantam3 had dug out a cleared area--in the sandbox!

So Bantam9 and Chicklet5 are chipping away at that task--with the promise of $$ for Bantam9 and candy for Chicklet. (I have to divulge that I paid my big boys to help with the first job too--they're not that altruistic! But for pay, their attitudes were great.)

Yeah, we're gettin' there....


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until our own child/employee is born. ;)

I thought that rhubarb needed to grow in part-shade. I've always seen it planted on the side of a house...


Heather said...

I know that as a mom of several children you will probably laugh at my new-mom statement, but please cover the sandbox when it is not being used! For that matter, pick up some "clean" sand at the home improvement store and throw it on top of the existing sand. The idea of kids playing in a glorified litter box creeps me out! [I also sanitize toys when they fall on the floor, spray shopping carts with lysol, and carry hand sanitizer - I'm told that I'll eventually stop this as more kids arrive]

mama said...

Nice work, Jeannie! My sister calls Charlie my "indentured servant" ;)

At A Hen's Pace said...


You're expecting an employee/child?? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am thrilled for you guys--how wonderful.

Rhubarb...Our neighbor's and my grandma's both thrived in full sun, and the planting instructions on both varieties said full sun, so...hopefully they like full sun! Actually, in the spot they're in, they'll get it from about 12:30 on--I've been hoping that will be enough.


We will be keeping an eye on the sandbox--but I was surprised at how clean the sand is, especially with the house being vacant so long! The neighborhood cats must have other favorite litterboxes.



Kate said...

Your garden's looking lovely! I wish we had more space to grow vegetables, but a small garden is better than no garden. I love rhubarb too, and mine gets full sun (but that's Scottish sun!) and seems happy enough.

Sounds like this house is revealing lots of hidden treasures!

Linds said...

I am so impressed with your garden progress! The rain is doign things here, but we really need sun too. Rhubarb is always great to have, and mine grows in the sun well. But that is English sun! Mind you, it gets incredibly hot and humid at times here too. I live in hope.

Summer said...


All the hard work has paid off and it looks great! Can't wait to see it in person. Love to all!

Anonymous said...

I love that I can go into the backyard, hack down a "weed" and make a delicious dessert!! Since I almost always have flour, salt, sugar and shortening on hand, it's easy to make a pie.

My rhubarb grows in sun and does great. I think rhubarb is basically just a glorified "weed" and will do great just about anywhere...

--Kim Johnson