Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oldies But...Goodies?

We let our teenagers listen to the Beatles. I know, I know.

But overall, a known quantity is easier for us to manage than the unknown, and the Beatles, generally, are a lot tamer than the other music out there today. In fact, we've encouraged oldies, in general, and Bantam13 really digs the sounds of our youth, like Billy Joel, Journey and Yes, to name a few.

We expected questions about the Beatles' lyrics, and questions about the 60's drug culture and all that came with it. All good fodder for discussion and teachable moments.

But the embarrassing side effect we didn't expect was Bantam3 picking up on one particular Beatles' refrain and singing incessantly:

"I want ba-a-a-d."

And the darned thing about it is:

He's got it stuck in all our heads now!


Square Peg said...

We were listening to music last night, & when a Beatles song came on, I was remembering my introduction to the Beatles, when my Mom sat me down & played Sgt Pepper's for me for the first time. One of the coolest things she's ever done. Great memory; great music.

mama said...

We love The Beatles here! In fact, it was a stoned Paul who kept Mary happy a lot during her stay in the PICU -

I remember cleaning the house with my mom while Penny Lane came from the stereo :)