Saturday, June 28, 2008


The other day Chicklet5 came in from outside and said to me, "Mom, you should come see me practicing riding my bike."

We keep not getting around to putting training wheels on one of the small bikes, so I figured her "practicing" involved a lot of "pretending."

"Sure, in just a little bit," I said, pondering yet another boxful of Stuff I'm Not Sure What To Do With.

A little later, she came in again. "Mom, you should come see me! I'm getting really good!"

My mommy radar informed me that this was a drop-everything, go-outside moment.

And there she went, riding that bike around the driveway, nice as you please!!! (Click to enlarge and enjoy the priceless expression on her face.)

She even remained steady with other drivers on the road.

Having gone through the tricycle stage already, the scooter is Bantam3's new vehicle of choice. He prefers to propel it with bare feet. (And boxer briefs look like shorts, don't they?)

To give credit where it's due, Chicklet says Bantam9 showed her how, and then she just practiced.

Ah, the blessing of older siblings!


Anonymous said...

My 7 year old learned to ride without training wheels at the summer day camp he was attending. I had no idea he was even trying. I pulled up in the car to pick him up, and thought : Gee, that boy riding a big bike looks exactly like my son - and it was!

He potty trained in day care too...they would just take all the boys and once, and he just followed the example of the older boys. It made me think that in some ways having a lot of kids would be easier (although, I am sure it is harder in many many ways!)

Jen in Seattle

Linds said...

You have 2 very happy children out there on your drive, Jeanne! What a clever girl she is!

Bronwen said...

The best way to learn!!
My now five year old 'got it' last summer without going on trainer wheels but he did have a pedal-less bike and had learnt to balance first on that...

NandL said...

Oh, how precious! I am sooo glad you didn't miss it!!
Laura H from Japan...