Thursday, June 26, 2008

Upcoming Blog Tour

James Spiegel is going on a blog tour this summer, and I get to help interview him!

Who is James Spiegel and what it is a blog tour?

Dr. Spiegel is an author and professor of philosophy at Taylor University, a Christian college in Upland, IN. (It's one that we'll certainly be encouraging our kids to consider!)

A blog tour reminds me of those "progressive dinners," where you have appetizers at one home, the salad course at the next, etc. (Was it only in the 70's when those were popular, or are they still alive and well?) It's an extended interview, over a week or two, with varied and sundry bloggers posing questions from all angles for the author, with one question and answer of the interview posted each day at a different blog.

I've never participated in one before, but I am thoroughly enjoying Dr. Spiegel's book, Gum, Geckos and God, so far. It's an engaging mix of theology, philosophy, parenting and entertainment.

And I am delighted to be in the company of these great bloggers on the tour!

Here is the schedule for this blog tour (for links to each blog, see the Zondervan website):

July 21 - Spunky Homeschool
July 22 - Beauty from the Heart
July 23 - At a Hen’s Pace
July 24 - A Holy Experience
July 25 - Family Voice
July 28 - Ted Wins
July 29 - In a Mirror Dimly
July 30 - Oversight of Souls
July 31 - Christians in Context
August 1 - The A-Team Blog
August 4 - Embarking
August 5 -

Delighted, indeed!

I feel like such a mommy blogger among so many astute minds. :)

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