Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blondechick15 Speaks

After I gave Bantam17 a haircut, we were driving somewhere and I was studying my handiwork in the rearview mirror. I asked Blondechick, who was next to me in the passenger seat, if I should cut a little more off around his face. "See those little wings sticking out?" I asked her.

Blondechick, with a glance behind her, knowledgeably replied, "They're called flippys, Mom. They're a good thing."


As she was recounting an amusing story about one of the neighborhood kids:

"That was one of the one times I've heard _____ laugh at himself."


Things are looking up, a little, on the new school front. She went to a mall yesterday with the Christian girlfriend we like so much, and she saw lots of cute collared shirts--"funky," she said--at stores I can't afford to shop in!--but at least she seems to be accepting the news, to some degree.

I knew she would warm to any excuse to go clothes shopping!

I haven't had the heart to tell her no jeans yet.

All the bottoms she owns are jeans and skirts. My budget is quaking already....

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