Monday, August 25, 2008

Google Hits

Every day, this site receives many hits from search engines like Google. It's a pretty reliable source of entertainment to look over the search phrases that brought them here! I’ve been collecting the more interesting ones for awhile, so today I thought I'd share them.

I doubt that these searchers found what they were looking for:

how much does a hen sell for
what does a hen look like give me a picture
sew hen costumes
hen facts for kids
what color is a hen
how does a hen sleep
fun hen do ideas [I get lots of these; apparently a Hen Do is like a bachelorette party)
hens wallpapers (spare me)
[note: those are not my parentheses!]
large rooster and hen shadow box
what that means when my kids is bantam
[I've been scratching my head over that one for awhile now!]

These folks, on the other hand, probably DID find what they wanted:

wallpaper glue removal
bedroom before and after shots
kid friendly ground turkey recipes
Worcestershire ground turkey
shirt armpit odor
what takes the stink out of t-shirts
smelly armpits in shirts

(I get at least one hit a day on that topic. If you don’t remember that post, try googling it yourself!)

These folks make you wonder who they are:

letters written from men who want to leave
new wineskins grout (a new metaphor?)
christian virtues against blood feuds
how to deal with a husband's midlife crisis
what does sir francis bacon say about fictional writing
free birthday ideas for 43 year old ladies
what explains how or why something happens (a little beyond the internet to answer that one, don't you think?)
homeschool burnout activities friends favors (oooh, my heart goes out to you)
magickist lips (an Illinois landmark!)
sacramental worldview
funnies about teenage boys

And these phrases are representative of the many book or theater-related hits I receive:

Mama's Bank Account (for a long time I was getting 3-4 hits a day on this title)
Fahrenheit 451 one of the main characters goals
Scarlet Pimpernel quotes
Fern's boyfriend from Charlotte's Web
fourth grade poems
Vladislav Yerko art
Horton and Gertrude getting married
pictures of the jungle of nool
boys in makeup (a perennially popular search phrase)
jungle of nool bird girl song
Godspell suitable for children
makeup for charlotte's web spider

I get a lot of hits for “Pace homeschooling”—not a curriculum I’ve ever used, but you can see why it comes up. I still get many hits searching for “John Fawcett” or “Margie Fawcett blog,” which makes me so grateful, every time, for how many people continue to support Margie and the children in prayer (John passed away over two months ago).

But my number one post, which has had 2-3 hits a day for the past 15 months, is this one. I don’t know who put the “leads and named characters” picture up on Google images, but I don’t mind, since our costumes and makeup for that show were pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. And I know exactly who’s interested in those pictures—community theater costumers and makeup moms like me!

Glad I can help.


mama said...

Jeannie -

I love seeing the referrals on my site as well. Three times though, someone has googled, "pregnant with a broken heart", and I so wish I could find that person in real life and be her friend.

Linds said...

Now I am going to show just how totally un-techy I am and say - what site thingy do you use to see all this? I would love to use one, and I don't know which to try!

At A Hen's Pace said...


I just looked at your page and I see that you don't have a Site Meter, a free tool that you can put on your site with an HTML code that they give you. Just google Site Meter and follow the instructions--very simple. Then you can see how many people visit every day, where they come from, and what pages they click over from. Very interesting information!

I can help if you need it. It's just like installing a blogroll, as you have done.


Jill said...

This is absolutely hysterical... I don't have one of these up on my blog, but I enjoyed your post so much, I'm going to add it! Ha! I think I'll read through your lists again....