Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Further Updates...

In my newsy post on Monday, I forgot to say that the two cliques who were both rallying for Blondechick's presence worked it out: The second day of school, one of the girls grabbed her at lunch and said, "You're sitting with us today. We worked out a schedule. You sit with them tomorrow." And they've been "sharing" her ever since!

The homeschool group meeting last night was really nice. This group is smaller than the ones I've been a part of before, which is a good thing, and they have some really creative ideas, like a Fall Festival with games designed and run by the older kids and a kids' bake-and-craft sale. One of the best things I heard all night was the plan for the March meeting--we'll meet at a nearby School of Cosmetology and all be guinea pigs for pedicures! Just what a homeschool mom needs in the bleak days of will-spring-ever-come....

And while it may be premature to say that my prayers for a homeschooled Christian friend for Bantam13 have been answered, I will report that there are three boys his age, all homeschooled, all Christian, who all live within blocks of us. And there are several others his age as well, I hear. They'll be miniature golfing with the homeschool youth group this Friday night, so I told him he's joining them. He doesn't like meeting new people without knowing at least someone, so this will be a stretch for him, but hopefully it will be rewarded. --We can pray, right?

And our long search for a plumber--which I haven't mentioned before this--has ended! Ever since we moved in, we've been planning to add one more bedroom and a bathroom in the basement, cutting a huge storage room down to make room for this guest suite. But no plumber willing to take on a side job could be found...until now. He comes tonight for the initial look-see and estimate. I am so excited! We love guests.

Last but not least, we are anticipating a big Sunday this coming weekend; our beloved bishop, Sandy Greene from Colorado, is coming and we are having Confirmations. We are confirming nearly everyone, adults and children, who is breathing hasn't been confirmed yet. Now what exactly is Confirmation? you may be wondering. So glad you asked! I'll write a post on it later this week.

That is, I hope to, after I figure out what to serve for lunch on Sunday to twenty people, including the Bish, and make sure that my children have decent clothes to wear and their hair has been trimmed so that we can see lower lashes, at least, and we know where Bantam3's shoes are. This summer my children have been only borderline presentable at church, more often than not, and with the chillier weather, the state and location of their fall wardrobe is a mystery that can only be solved by prolonged attention from me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to leave myself a few minutes to load Blondechick's account with lunch money, before theater class is over....


G's Cottage said...

What does BC15 think about others making her decisions for her? It doesn't sound like the "we" included her. Parents are one thing but two cliques is quite different even if it is a Christian school.

I understood that your decision to move her from the big school to the smaller one was in part about her not becoming under the untoward influence or control of others and to think and act for herself.

Having put four through the big Christian high school (you can probably guess which one) I have had a front row seat on how even so-called Christians can behave in cliques. We discouraged clique entanglements and regularly pointed out the subtle negative influences of cliques. Members of cliques were not summarily off-limits as friends but they each in turn found that their acquaintances with little or no backbone tended to depend the most on cliquing for survival.

And while I think my experiences as a high school parent were much more enjoyable than my parents I am still happy to be done with those years.

At A Hen's Pace said...


In the original post, I explained that she likes both groups and she really wants to be friends with everyone.

It's just about whose table she sits at for lunch. (Since the whole school can't sit at one table....) She has a different group of friends on the bus, for example.


Amy said...

J -

"Cliques" or "groups of friends" are a normal and expected part of school, and life in general. Your molding and shaping of BC15 into the fine woman she has enabled her to discern right from wrong.

And how absolutely wonderful that BC15's spirit and personality are so sought after, and that she is a desired friend! Again, that speaks volumes about your influence in BC15's life!

. . . now is the time to sit back and watch the fruits of your labor . . . and watch BC15 learn and grow . . .

Amy (in Roscoe!)

Islandsparrow said...

Blondechick is exhibiting some great diplomacy skills - maybe she will be a bridge between the two groups.

I'll add my prayers to yours for B13