Monday, September 08, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

It's back to school (and work) we go!

It sure was a busy weekend though.

It began at noon on Friday with a McDonald's Playland birthday for Chicklet6. Lame, I know. But that was what she told me she wanted long before "birthday coming up" had begun to seep into my brain, and with all my preoccupation with new schools and schooling, the Playland sounded like an easy party to me! We were joined by two other families (moms and kids) from church and a good time was had by all. Chicklet received a tin tea set, little girl makeup, and Polly Pockets.

Friday night we attended auditions for the fall show in our new chapter of the same theater group we've been part of. NOT to audition though--we were just watching, for a change! They're doing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and since we've BTDT already, TWICE, we're just taking it easy this fall. Still, we thought we'd see how this chapter runs their auditions so our kids will feel comfortable when they audition for the winter show.

On Saturday, Bantam9 and I made French toast for Chicklet6's birthday lunch, and then she opened her presents from us. Here's the funny thing--all day on Friday, I was thinking that Friday was her actual birthday. When my older kids told me I was crazy, that her birthday has always been on the 6th, not the 5th, I didn't believe them and had to go look it up in her baby book (the one that's barely filled out after that information). Sure enough they were right, and I was crazy! I actually looked up the blog entries for her birthdays the past two years, wondering if I had been mistaken for years, but no, we've celebrated every one on the 6th. Don't know what happened to my brain over the last 12 months, but some circuit evidently went awry....

Saturday afternoon, we received visitors from our old church in Illinois--a young man (17) who has always been such a good friend to Bantam17, and his older sister (20), who has become a friend/mentor to Blondechick15. They spent the night and went to church with us, stayed for lunch after, and then headed back to the Land of Lincoln. Seeing them was a joy, and it made us miss their parents, good friends of ours, so much!

They also attended the neighborhood block party with us on Saturday afternoon/evening--for awhile, at least, before going back to our house for some quality time together. The block party was such fun--we've now met everyone in our whole neighborhood, I think, including two families that have moved in since we did, and they are a great group.

While the visitors were here, I was delighted to overhear Blondechick telling the sister about her new school. "I was SO MAD when my parents told me I had to go there. But after 4 days of school, I can't tell you how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!" She hasn't exactly said, "Thank you, Mom and Dad," yet, but we'll take that, with relief and gladness of heart!

Bantam17 continues to sound upbeat about his classes and intentions to stay on top of his homework. He met his case manager and really liked him. And oh yes, all was straightened out (without even a phone call from me) and he's officially a junior with enough credits to take the classes he's been attending. Phew!

On Sunday at church, nearly everyone was back from summer vacations and trips, and I counted 55 seats filled. We have another new family that's come the last two Sundays, and we had a visitor who's been in ministry for many years who said encouraging things, like "There's a good feeling here, an energy and an excitement that is really positive. You're going to grow." We kicked off a new Sunday School program, Godly Play, that we are excited about; the teachers felt good about the first week, and the kids (ages 3-9) loved it. Much to be thankful for at Light of Christ!

Sunday night, the older three kids began attending the school-year version of a bigger church's youth group that they have been visiting and enjoying this summer. We are praying that this group will be a positive influence on them spiritually and a good place for them to plug in socially.

And tonight, I will attend the area homeschool group's first meeting of the fall. I am looking forward to making connections with other homeschool families here, and praying for at least one homeschooled friend for Bantam13.

Now hi ho, hi's back to school we go!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

You are not the only one!! My son turned 4 in May and I think that this was the first year I got it right. His bday is the 27th, but I always sort of think it's the 24th. My husband always knows -- not me.

Makes sense, actually, because I was knocked out for the emergency C-section while he got an eyeful.

preacherman said...

Great post.
I want you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog.
It is one of my favorites.
Keep up the great work!

troubling stars said...

hey!! Ben has asked me to plan a time when we can come up and see you guys - ( i had the idea before reading your blog entry by the way :) ) is there a time that you would be open to visitors? We miss you and would love to see whats going on in Kenosha. PS It wouldnt have to be an overnight thing - anything at all would be great

Jenny in Ca said...

my, you've been so busy! sounds like good busy, tho!

I get confused with my son's birthday, for some reason, I have to think really hard about are not the only one!