Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Brilliante

Jena at Yarns of the Heart has gifted me with an award!

I'm supposed to pass it on now to any number of bloggers, but for some reason I'm feeling paralyzed by this requirement. There are so many blogs out there, and I'm having trouble keeping up with any of them! (Oh, the guilt.) And how are we defining "brilliante"? (The literalist in me wants to know.) The directions just say pass it on.... (Not giving the rule-follower inside much to work with, are we?)

So I am giving myself permission to hand these out in a purely arbitrary fashion. Not in the "random" sense of the word, but "based on personal whim."

There. I feel better already.

And so the first one goes to my sister-in-law Summer at Crazy Days of Summer because I just love her, and she posts pictures and more about my delightful nieces, and for being her sweet/feisty/Southern/sunny self in every post!

Next goes to my real-life friend Amy, at Experience Imagination, to encourage her to post more often! She's a superb writer; she's also funny, insightful, honest and quirky--even in the midst of trial.

Linds at Rocking Chair Reflections deserves one, for being one of my most faithful, most encouraging commentors, as well as for her spunky commentary on life, current events, and the British healthcare system. ;)

I can't forget Kathie at A Sparrow's Home because she's also such a faithful, prayerful, encouraging commentor, and a fellow pastor's wife, and her blog is a place of peace and beauty. (She lives on one of the most beautiful spots on earth: Prince Edward Island.)

My next pick is another real-life friend, Kathy at Square Peg into a Round Hole, because I am impressed by her thoughtful commentary on excellent books and her passion for the church and how it worships. And she knits!

My final award goes to Sherry at Semicolon (one of the first blogs I ever read regularly), because anyone who can homeschool eight kids, read a million books a year, blog about every one of them, and still visit and occasionally comment here deserves an award from me!

I am now on a roll, thinking of other people and blogs I love, but I am drawing the line at six. Otherwise I'd be here all night....

Plus--conveniently--I need six names for a meme I owe someone, so I am conserving time and energy (my own at least--bwa ha ha) by tagging each of these honorees. (They should keep their eyes open for a post to come in the next few days. With privilege comes responsibility, as I am always telling my kids!)

Now, go forth, be brilliante and share the love.


My readers are all brilliante too!!!


Linds said...

Thnak you! You most certainly deserve the award!
What wonderful photos of the confirmation, Jeanne, and how special the day must have been for your entire family. God's richest blessings on all of you!

Summer said...

Thanks so much for the award. Things are finally slowing down a little here - or maybe I'm speeding up? Either way, I've got a few posts lined up, so stayed tuned. Miss you all!

Islandsparrow said...


I just saw my award!

Thanks Jeanne - you're sweet.

Now I better go check out my meme homework :)

Sherry said...

How kind of you. In return for the kind words and the award, I'll tell you my Super Secret TIme Management Technique: live in a messy house.