Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In one of the longest-running games of tag on record, I'm sure...

I was tagged back in late July, just before we left on vacation, by Rev. Colin at Share My Journey, who said very nice things about our family here. I consider him one of my more exotic readers, since he is a Presbyterian minister in Wales!

You're supposed to share 6 random things about yourself, then tag 6 other bloggers.

Okay, my random things...

1. I am in love with my hardwood floors. How did I ever live without them? No worries about protecting carpets, no traffic pattern grime, nothing. They look as beautiful as the day we moved in, and I haven't washed them once. (Okay, I have worked on a few black scuff marks while I was on the phone.)

2. I have to have a Dr. Pepper every afternoon, no earlier than 3:00 and no later than 6. (If after 6, it keeps me up at night; if before 3, it puts me right to sleep, rather than helping me up out of that afternoon siesta feeling the way it does after 3:00.) I also have to have my cup of coffee in the morning, and I have to have a half cup with lunch, or else I get headaches.

I used to have headaches all the time and thought I must be allergic to everything, until I figured out how to balance my food with a little caffeine. Sounds weird, I know, but it works for me.

3. Our plumber is jack-hammering away in our basement as I type, putting in the pipes and water lines we need for a shower, toilet and sink in our basement guest-suite-to-be. Our carpenter was here yesterday, deciding exactly where the walls and doors will be. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

4. I have so many boxes I can't unpack until the construction dust has settled--stuff to keep on shelves in the narrow, L-shaped storage room that will be created by the leftover space.

4. My two high schoolers have a day off from school today, and they're trying to sleep in, of course, with all that noise. This district is so weird--all their teacher inservice days are on Wednesday! A friend from IL and I were trying to find a day this fall that all of our kids might have off, and we don't have any until Thanksgiving.

5. I hate cucumber and melons. I could probably force myself to eat them, if they didn't make me burp...and taste and retaste them!

6. My boys started piano lessons this week, and now Chicklet is begging to learn too. I can't afford lessons for them all, so I'm thinking of starting her out myself. (I've taken many years of lessons, long ago....) The trouble is, between helping the boys pick out new songs and teaching her, I'm not sure if I have enough time and patience to go around!

I am a living, breathing stereotype-buster of the mistaken idea that homeschool moms must have infinite patience. It is not my strong suit. Listening to a new reader sooouuunnnnnd ooouuut woooorrrrrdss is up there on my list of least favorite things. I'm fine for the first five minutes, then my skin starts to crawl.

So there are my six things! And now, as I warned, I'm tagging the bloggers I honored yesterday!

Here are the rules:

Link to the person who 'tagged' you.

Post the rules on your blog: in other words, what you are reading now.

Write 6 random things about yourself.

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Finally, let the 'Tagger' know when your entry is up.


Amy said...

I love your comments! But, I must say,the Dr. Pepper comment made me laugh! It puts you to sleep at one time of the day, but keeps you up at another?!? You are so funny! And how 'bout cucumber melon lotion? Does that qualify as something you don't like? (I don't like coconut, but I do like the smell of coconut in lotion!)

amy (in Roscoe)

p.s. you have 2 number 4's . . . we got a bonus!

At A Hen's Pace said...


I wondered why it took me so long to think of six things.

And no, I can't abide lotions with cucumber or melon in them. But the worst is lip gloss. Double yuk.

With the Dr. Pepper, it's a circadian rhythm thing! I should have put it that way. Gotta catch the wave, so to speak...



Amy said...

ahhhh . . . with the dr. pepper thing -- the question then becomes, is it biochemical, physiological or behavioural? Could lead to one of my infamous crazy questions!



p.s. I, myself, am addicted to caffeine at any time day or night . . in any form . . . my little unknown factoid!

Summer said...

Jeanne, mine will be up on Sat.