Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Half-Birthday Celebration of Bantam13

No time for a real post...

But the bedroom and bathroom are finished enough for furniture and functionality!

My parents arrived from Ohio...eventually...after a snafu involving me forgetting to email them directions, them forgetting my phone number, my cell phone not having service in our home, our phones not being able to call out due to the phone bill not getting put on an automatic payment plan along with all the others, and my sister-in-law in Kansas looking up an old email with my address (but before we had a phone number), and my brother in a hotel somewhere looking at MapQuest to try to direct my poor parents to our door!

Today we are having a big bar mitzvah-type celebration, near the half-birthday of Bantam 13, whose actual birthday fell just a few days before our move. Both grandfathers, one of his uncles, two men from our old church and three from our new church will gather to bless and affirm our young man. Perhaps next week I shall post excerpts from the liturgy which Papa Rooster has written for the occasion.

After that, it's dinner for men, women and children--three soups which I have prepared and bread and salad which shall be welcomed and enjoyed upon arrival--and then the celebratory dessert of brownies and ice cream.

It should be a great day. Rejoice with us!


Linds said...

Sounds perfect - have a wonderful time, and photos, remember!

Summer said...

Yeah! I'm so glad everything finally came together. I'm happy for Bantam 13.5 and think this service for him is so neat. I hope R followed my advice and did in fact write something. Love to you all - and say hi to Mom and Dad for me!

Crystal said...

Too funny about the directions - now! I'm sure it wasn't so funny for your parents at the time!!

Have a fabulous party!! What a special honour to have these significant men gather to pray and celebrate with your son. I want to see pictures and hear more too!!

Earthmommy said...

It sounds like a wonderful celebration! Happy Half-Birthday to B13!