Monday, December 01, 2008

Please Pray

Some of us may think we're being persecuted... (HT Life on the Planet)

Just a reminder that we don't know what persecution is:

Please pray for us in Jos, we are being attacked by Muslims. Churches have been burnt, no exact figures of casualties yet. We need prayer to stay the hand the hand of bloodshed, destruction, violence and death. Pray for instant return to peace and order. The crisis began around 2am Friday after local elections in Jos, why Christians must pay for this I do not know.

The Lord be with you,

Anglican Archbishop Ben Kwashi in Jos, Nigeria

Update Saturday morning:

Archbishop Kwashi reports: "The reports from those I have sent out to collect information are that the Muslims are attacking and burning this morning. It looks well co-ordinated. They are well armed with AK 47 and pump machine guns. This morning they have been at Dogonduste. Quite a number of Christian homes have been burnt. We do not know how many have been killed. The local government has underestimated the vehemence of the militants. At the moment this is all restricted to Jos City.

We ask prayer for knowing the right thing to do. I have moved one of our archdeacons and his family to live in our home. St Luke’s Cathedral is in the middle of the area of violence. We hope we can proceed with our normal services tomorrow."

I have met Archbishop Ben; I sat in a living room with other leaders from Church of the Resurrection years ago to hear his reports of persecution and unbelievable church growth in spite of the opposition. He had tales of Muslim guards giving the heads-up to his family just before his house was burned, of Muslims risking all to become Christians, of new churches being planted at the rate of one per week (making Nigeria the second-largest and the fastest-growing province in the Anglican communion, with over 18 million members), and of the desperate need for trained leaders for all this growth. Hearing him talk was like listening to one of the first-century apostles!

Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Jos City.


Activities Coordinator said...

Oh, Jeanne! Praying...

Wanda said...

Dear friend......I will pray.

God bless you all....and protect you.

Thank you for serving.