Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Show Time!!

Tomorrow we'll have two performances in the morning for school groups, a little break in the middle, and then our first public performance in the evening--we are all so psyched! It's going to be a fabulous show.

Blondechick16 has had such a fun time with this show, making new friends in this new chapter of our theater group. (By the way, this is NOT the new group I was talking about starting in Kenosha; this is an existing group in the northeastern-most county in Illinois. It's the closest existing group to us right now.)

Here she is onstage with some of them!

It's hard to tell which number this was--I'm guessing the opening number, "Verb."

This next one is obviously (from the railroad crossing sign in back), "Conjunction Junction."

And this next one could be from "Mother Necessity," "The Preamble," "Interjections," or maybe it's the all-girl number, "Sufferin' Till Sufferage."

One thing is certain; it's not "Interplanet Janet," because that scene is done in black light! In it, all you can see of her is a star and a streamer. And it's not "Elbow Room," because she wears a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat in it. We must not have any good pics from that one.

But we have several from her big scene:

Who are these cuties? Why, they're the Lolly Girls!!

You know:

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here.
Quickly, quickly, quickly, get those adverbs here.
Slowly, surely, really learn your adverbs here.
You're going need 'em if you read 'em,
If you write or talk or think about 'em ... Lolly! (Lolly, Lolly, Lolly)

They sing in close three-part harmony, and they sound great!

We're doing pincurls with their bangs now, for this 40's-flavored scene, but didn't get it done at this dress rehearsal. We learned we need to do their hair during the scene before the scene before this one, because they have about 90 seconds to get out of their "Sufferin' " polos and khakis and into these outfits.

Nothing like a quick change to add a little more stress to your big scene! I've started meeting Blondechick in the wings to have the top ready to slip on as soon she whips off the polo, and hold the skirt open and fasten the back for her while she slips on her pumps. (In another quick change, she wears her black clothes for "Interplanet Janet" over a red dress, cami and leggings, sweats all through that song, and then peels off the outer black layer so she can get onstage in red for "Interjections!")

The whole show is kinda like that, honestly--lots of breathless moments backstage for the kids, changing costumes or stopping by for specialty makeup, with hardly any time between musical numbers. It sure is fun--and it sure goes quickly!


Melinda said...

This must have been such a fun production!! I LOVE Schoolhouse Rock! My favorite was always the Pronoun one, about Rufus Xavier Saspirilla and Rafaella Gabriella Saspirilla and Albert Andreus Armadillo (no relation to the Sasperillas)!

I hope you'll have a chance to stop by my blog and read about the amazing provisions the Lord has given us this week!

Erin said...

Aw, great pictures! Sounds like a great show! :)

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

:( Everything looks so fun, but there's no way that I could come see this one! I hope it's all as fabulous as it looks in pictures.

ETA: my word verification is "movingl" hee hee