Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Pretend I'm the Hott Girl..."

I have been lecturing my teens on being more careful about the way they talk around their younger siblings and being a good example.

Bantam13 and I were in the kitchen one day making lunch together when we heard Chicklet6 in the living room say to Bantam3, "Pretend the boy is crossing over the bridge to get to the hott girl!"

I made my aghast, "What Did I Tell You?" face at Bantam13, then hissed, "Go talk to her!"

He nodded sheepishly and headed for the living room.

"No, [Chicklet]," he said to her, in the kind, big brother tone that is his specialty, "You mean the pretty girl. You're not a hot girl. 'Hot' means 'sweaty.' You know like I am when I come in from a run? That's hot. You're a pretty girl."

"Oh yeah," she smiled at him, and giggled. "That's what I meant."

Nice recovery, Bantam13. This time....

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Islandsparrow said...

So cute!

My kids try to tell me that it means the same as "pretty" but it didn't when I was a teen . . .