Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Official

Bantam18 surprised us all by announcing, a few weeks ago, that there was a girl.

Now, B18 has had his share of social difficulties, due to his autism. He's so high-functioning that many adults don't pick up on it right away, but kids always do. So this year at a new school, he's mostly been eating lunch alone. He doesn't mind. He reads, or he does homework.

But last quarter, a girl began sitting with him. A Christian girl, he told us, whose parents won't take her to church and who discourage her from praying. He's been encouraging her, he said. She needs a Christian friend. She gave him her phone number.

He didn't call her right away. He tried to find her on Facebook, but couldn't. Fourth quarter began, and they no longer had the same lunch period.

But she saw him in the hall the other day. She told him how much she missed him. They exchanged hugs.

Today, they decided that they officially like each other.

I'd like to meet her soon, I told him when he relayed this news. She'll come to church with us sometime, he said confidently.

I am pleasantly, delightedly, in shock.

There have been boys in Blondechick's life. There are girls who've shown interest in B13. I have been unexcited.

But I am grateful for this girl--just for being kind to my son and for showing interest in him. Whether she's around for long or not, whether she meets with our approval or not...she gives me hope for B18's future!

Thank you, Lord, for the unexpected!


tonia said...

i totally get this, jeanne. i am thanking the Lord with you. He is so merciful...and it's these kindnesses that mean the most.


Mrs. A said...

I don't mean to be to dramatic, but this is better than when Darcy & Elizabeth finally got together. I know you don't know where it will lead. It is an answer to prayer(for a friend) for both Mr. A & I and even almost brought a tear to us both!

Mrs. A said...

that should be "too" dramatic

Anonymous said...

This story makes my heart smile! Thanks for sharing.


truevyne said...

Whoa and Wow!

Jennifer Merck said...

Part of the beauty in this, my friend, is that we love our children . . . and it is a wonderful thing when someone else appreciates them for who we know them to be.

And it is especially lovely when that child is one who is not always appreciated by others.

Thank you, God, for friends for our children . . . for coming to our children even in the form of a girl in a cafeteria.

Rosa said...

What a wonderful blessing! =)

NanaNor's said...

I just found your blog and what a blessing in just reading this post.
You see I'm a nana to 7, and one of my grand daughters-age 2(yes so young)has a disability that parallels autism so I've thought about her future and beseeched our Father to let her have a somewhat normal life-abundant in Him. Like your boy, others don't know she has these differences but we don't label her either. Thank you for sharing; I can't wait to read more.

Christy B. said...

I cannot decide whether to smile or cry, so I am doing both. Praise God for your love for your son. Praise Him for friendship and Christian guidance!

God's blessings,