Friday, April 24, 2009

Must Share!

I just found out that Church of the Resurrection (our "mother" church) has started a Rez Blog, and so far, it mainly has pictures from their Holy Week services!

I would recommend a look just for the breathtaking photography by our friend Kim Johnson (who took our sidebar photos), but also for the Easter joy in every image.

And that banner is such a visual celebration!! It was made by artist (and blogger) Janice Skivington--that link will take you to more pictures and her comments about creating it. It was made to represent the six days of creation, and then the Alleluia scrim was lowered over it later in the service.

So many well-loved faces jump out at me from those photos. It makes me just a teensy bit homesick for the church we were part of for so many years. It is a wonderful place!


Greg said...

Thanks for this link!! It is so refreshing to see "home"!!

Greg Smith+

Bonnie McMaken said...

Hey! Thanks for linking Rez Blog!