Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Breakin'--and Braced!

We are officially on Spring Break this week. Our two oldest are home from public high school, and it was perfect timing for me, to recover from Holy Week!

I can't say it's been restful, though. Since Monday, we've had three medical appointments, filled five prescriptions, had one voice lesson, been to the grocery, Kohl's, and the library, had eleven friends over, and washed nine loads of laundry (and counting).

And we have exciting news--we have a church to host theater classes AND rehearsals! I visited it again this week, since I hadn't seen the whole building the first time, and it is a really nice facility--flexible and perfect in so many ways. Blondechick16 came with me, and we imagined together how we'd set up the space. Thank you, Lord!

The big hairy deal planned for spring break was Bantam18 getting all four wisdom teeth removed (hence all those prescriptions!). That's behind us now, and thank God, it went well and he is having pretty minimal pain.

I mentioned a voice lesson? Blondechick16 has taken up voice lessons again, once we got a recommendation for a teacher, and we are so delighted. Her new teacher reminds us of her much-loved teacher back in Illinois! She seems very good. Thanks, Lord!

Tonight we are going to a fundraiser and comedy show by a Christian ventriloquist named David Pendleton. (Show your kids his YouTube video--he's amazing!) We had one of his DVD's till we wore it out, so our kids are excited about tonight, even the teenagers. The cool thing is...I went to high school with David! We sat near each other in band every day for three years, and I remember him performing a ventriloquism show for the whole junior high. He used to perform in nursing homes to practice. Pretty inspiring, huh!

I will leave you with a long-overdue photo. Bantam13 got braced over a month ago....

Happy Spring Break, everybody!

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MomCO3 said...

Still praying for Chicklet6's tests, etc. I'm glad everyone is home. Thanks for the updates. Blessings this week!