Saturday, April 18, 2009

Demise of the Tooth Fairy

You may recall that the Tooth Fairy often takes awhile to find her way to our house. She's old, we tell the kids. She's forgetful. She's directionally-challenged.

Now it seems that some have run out of patience with her.

Bantam10 had an awkward "snaggletooth" annoying him for days, and he begged me to pull it for him. Gross! I said, but I wiggled it a little and informed him that it wasn't ready. Just wait, I said.

Now his little sister, Chicklet6, has no patience with a loose tooth and needs no one to tell her what to do with one. Once they're loose enough, she just grabs 'em and yanks!

Why don't you just do that? we asked B10 as days went by and he continued to complain.

Finally one evening, he appeared in the room where Papa Rooster and I were talking, tooth in one hand, pliers in the other.

"I got it out," he announced, brandishing the pliers. Extending his hand to me, bloody tooth in palm, he asked, "Can I have a dollar?"

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tonia said...


we have that same tooth fairy! sometimes ours has even gotten caught with her hand still under the pillow. :) she's old and creaky.

i appreciate you!