Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fourteen, But Still Blonde...

Well, I didn't really mean to let that last post sit for three days, but my time has not been my own this week!

We had The Wizard of Oz yesterday and will have two more school day shows again tomorrow. Today was double schoolwork, plus laundry and the ongoing celebration of Bantam14's birthday, with a little mother/son time and a free birthday burger at Red Robin! (You all are in Red Robin's birthday club, right? It's a great deal!)

In honor of his birthday, B14 is allowing me to recount a couple of "blonde" moments, from a recent conversation he had with his dad about height. (He's just hit 5'8".)

B13: "Wait. Who's the tallest guy who ever lived? Was it Noah? Because he lived pretty long."


B13: "Do you think I'll be 6'8"?"

Papa Rooster: "No, the genes don't support that."

B13: "What do you mean? They don't make jeans that big?"


More blonde moments from his year as Bantam13 here.

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Heather said...

You gotta love how teenage boys say any and all thoughts that come to mind!