Tuesday, July 07, 2009

All God's Creatures

Since the weekend weather for our camping trip was unseasonably chilly for the first week of JULY, we took our Illinois friends that we were camping with to the Milwaukee Zoo instead of the beach on our first day. It was our first time to visit the Zoo, too!

Papa Rooster is still having fun with his new camera and lens, and the animals were interesting subjects.

I love giraffes. What comic grace! (Graceful comedy?)

This bear was cool. Sadly, he reminded me of a bear rug. I love the way they swing their heads around.

Don't you love the intensity in that cheetah? He could be on a motivational poster. "FOCUS." "DRIVE." Or something like that. (Sorry if I just ruined that picture for you. He was for real!)

Those were all taken outdoors. These next ones were all taken inddors, through glass:

There is nothing like a gorilla. What an immense, soulful creature!

God must have had fun creating all the monkeys:

What variety--and oddity! You know He has a sense of humor when you see one like this.

The most amazing creature we saw was this lion, who rested near the glass so everyone could admire him. He was totally comfortable with the crowd that gathered. He even got up and paced back and forth for five minutes or so, next to the glass the whole time, so we could clearly appreciate his supple power.

Since we just re-read most of the Narnia books, of course I couldn't help but think of Aslan. This is my favorite Aslan-ish face:

Doesn't he look wise and stern and splendid? Yet possibly gentle and loving underneath--and maybe about to speak? I think so, anyway.

Do you know the song "All God's Creatures Got a Place in the Choir"?


Papa Bear said...

Nice photos. Love that song!

mama said...

Wow! Great photos! What kind of camera did he get, again?

At A Hen's Pace said...

He has a Nikon D700. Expensive, but AMAZING!