Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Even My Inner Extrovert Has a Limit

This has been the summer of back-to-back-to-back events.

Some were scheduled, like the summer drama camp and our July 4th camping trip; some were unplanned, like the flooding in our basement and my grandmother's funeral. Sometimes lots of great things fell all on the same weekend, like this past one--in the space of Friday night to Monday afternoon, we were taken out to dinner twice by Papa Rooster's parents, who spent the weekend with us; saw two theater productions, West Side Story and Mulan (tickets bought long ago because of friends in the shows), entertained old friends, the Bergners, who were serendipitously passing through our area with time to spare (enough for a trip to the beach, my first this summer!), got two kids packed for two weeks of camp and delivered to the bus stop nearly an hour away, and had an electrician friend here all day Saturday to help us pick out and install new lighting in our formerly dim kitchen.

It's all been such fun and so wonderful, but you can't imagine how relieved I am to view a nearly-clear calendar for the next few days! And how appalled I am to realize that if we're going to use our four free passes to Six Flags, we'd better go this week, because next week is all booked up already. Sigh.

I am excited about next week though: two days of retreat with the other Area Coordinators of our Christian theater group, and then two days at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, compliments of my new employer.

Just hope my inner extrovert (I test right on the border, but come out as an "I" for introvert) is recovered by then!

Well, I better get back to enjoying my couple of unscheduled days here...

...wondering how Bantam14 and Blondechick16 are doing at summer camp
...praying for good Christian influences on them there
...thinking and praying about our educational decisions for the fall--some changes are in store
...catching up on mending and other lick-and-a-promise piles around my house
...thinking about my new job responsibilities
...feeling guilty (not really) for enjoying the absence of teenagers pestering me to take them places and let them do things that require discussion, discernment and decision-making (B18 is a teen, true, but he's usually a content homebody)
...getting back to the beach!


Hen Jen said...

you sound really busy! I like unscheduled days best, but they are getting harder to find...

here's to a peaceful few days for you!

Islandsparrow said...

It all seems to come at once doesn't it. I can assure you that it slows down when they grow up - which means some lovely times for Roger and me - but then I also struggle with missing little ones around me. I guess grandmothering will solve that - I am looking forward to it!

Nezzy said...

I enjoyed my visit on your blog today. You have a beautiful brood. May God bless your nest. Have a great day!!!