Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seein' the Sights

We had such a fun visit with Professor Brother's family! All the way from Kansas they came, so we had to show them a good time. (Photos compliments of Professor Brother.)

First stop: the Jelly Belly Factory!!

Waiting in line, as the anticipation builds...

...for the 35 minute train ride through the factory! Hats are FDA regulation. Also part of the fun!

After the tour, you get samples in the gift store. How'd you like to try these flavors?? (Click to enlarge.)

Next stop: Frank's Diner. (Photo from Frank's website.)

Frank's is an old streetcar that was converted into a restaurant, and it has been featured on the Food Network and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

The food is great, and the ambience?

Most instructive.

A visit to downtown Kenosha would not be complete without a 25-cent trolley ride!

It was while waiting at the trolley stop that Bantam4 did his Superman impression...

...landing in those bushes in this position, face down. "He's stuck in the bushes, he's STUCK!!" the girls yelled, and Professor Uncle and I rushed to his aid, expecting writhing and tears. Instead, he looked up at us with a cocky grin and jumped off the bench as soon as he was retrieved. Completely unfazed.

Next we stopped at the park...

...and then we had to dip our toes into Lake Michigan, of course!

Stay dry, they were warned, or ice cream will be withheld!

Our next stops were for ice cream at Sandy's Popper and for dinner fixin's at Tenuta's and Aldi.

Yum, those brats are good!

But what was priceless was seeing these cousins having such a good time together!

Thank you, P-Bro and family, for coming to visit!!!


Anonymous said...

looks SOOOO fun! makes me want to stay more than 12 hours...jelly belly factory is in kenosha? who knew? :) see you soon! ---Sarah

At A Hen's Pace said...


Tell us what you want to do in those 12 hours and we'll make it happen! ;)


Rosa said...

This looks so fun! Summer is beautiful.

mama said...

I agree with Sarah - who knew Kenosha was so esciting?? We are definitely going to make a day trip of it soon :)

At A Hen's Pace said...

G--We love day trippers! Any time!!

Hen Jen said...

that looks like a fun time! You are making me hungry... :)