Monday, July 20, 2009

High School Musical Summer Camp

Summer camp ended, and Professor Brother's family arrived!! And I had wrap-up paperwork and a house to clean in between, so I just haven't had time to blog about camp.

But it was a great week all around--the kids had a great time, parents were positive and enthusiastic, the staff was super, and everyone is talking about enrolling in classes and auditioning for the fall production! I just couldn't be more thankful.

Papa Rooster took some great shots of the final day: Showcase!!

Here are the big kids (7-12 year olds) lined up in the gym beforehand, enjoying a freeze pop each to whet their whistle. Bantam10 is front and center in the orange line there, next to his good friend from church. Wish I had more informal pics, but they did spend a lot of time in this gym, playing games and practicing songs and dances!

The Yellow Team (5-6 year olds; half-day campers) opened up the show.

Chicklet6 (2nd from L) was delighted to have her best friend from church (on far R) in her class!

Everybody who wanted one got a solo:

That is Blondechick's head and arm adjusting the microphone--she was an aide for the Yellow Team.

The songs from HSM (1,2 & 3) lend themselves to cute poses!

Bantam10 was on the orange team, with his two best friends from church--the boy on the far R, down on a knee, and the boy to our R of B10.

They were both on the improv team, who formed a machine of moving human parts...

...and reacted to various situations the teacher described.

"Oooo, I don't want to go down there!"

"What a surprise!"

"Livin' in my own world..."

I had my moment at the microphone too, welcoming parents and talking about the fall session. I also got to tell them to check out the story and pictures of camp in the Kenosha News!

We took team pictures on the last day, too--here is my wonderful staff! They were just fabulous. It was great to work with my own kids too--Bantam14 is wearing the hat and the Red Team t-shirt, Blondechick is in gray in the middle back, and I'm on the right.

And I got the word...that I'm hired to continue the job into the fall! I'll be hiring teachers and coordinating classes, while another area coordinator will oversee production details. It will be much more manageable than doing the whole job myself. I am so excited!!!


Rosa said...

This looks great, Jeanne! Congratulations on everything going so smoothly and for getting hired to continue!!

Hen Jen said...

Congratulations Hen! My, that looks like such fun!