Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Family Time at the Wake

Or do you call it "the viewing"? That's what they call it where I'm from in Ohio. Many people came to pay their respects to Grandma and all of us, but these shots are mostly from the family-only time in the first hour.

Bantam18 and Blondechick16 looking at old photos
with Pilot Uncle (foreground) and my cousin (center).

The two 10-year-olds really hit it off! Here they are watching
a video slideshow of photos covering Grandma's life span--
from high school to great-grandmother.
Professor Brother and I look on.

Chicklet6 with 7-year-old cousin and Bantam4.

My oldest and youngest.

Teacher Aunt fixing hair of impatient 3-year-old cousin.

All the kids were tired by the end of the four hours.
Did you recognize B4 and B10 with their new haircuts?

Pilot Brother and Summer page through a photo album.
Their girls (3 & 1) stayed home in Florida. Summer is expecting
their third little girl before the end of August!

It was a joy to see many old family friends that afternoon, but here I am with a friend I met for the first time. I have heard of her all my life though, and since I began blogging, we have enjoyed a lovely email correspondence. She was a student of my dad's during one of his first years as a high school biology teacher, and I am named Jeanne after this Jeannie! (As Teacher Aunt observed, that's quite a tribute, for a teacher to name a child after a student!) I was so happy to finally meet her--and see why she's a special lady!

B4 needed constant shirt-tucking-in.

Telling secrets.

California Cousin wins over Bantam4.

In the midst of death, life!

Thanks, Papa Rooster, for taking all the pictures!


mama said...

Jeannie -

I am so sorry for your loss. But what a wonderful time your grandmother must be enjoying right now :)

I have to say, I was pretty much blown away by how big Bantam4 is!!! I barely recognized him - where did your baby go??

Summer said...

Man, that pilot brother of yours sure is handsome! His wife is so lucky! :-)

Great pics!

Islandsparrow said...

I'm sure your grandmother would be so proud to see her lovely family all together.

Anne Kennedy said...

Many prayers for your family as they grieve. May this be a rich and beautiful time.

Jessica said...

Jeanne, I'm sorry for your loss. Thank for sharing those beautiful pictures.