Friday, July 03, 2009

Funeral and Photo Ops

This is the old Baptist church that Papa Rooster and I were married in.

My dad's side of the family has attended here for generations. I used to sit in that balcony to sing with the Junior Choir, and I was baptized in that baptistry.

My brothers and husband helped carry my grandfather's casket through these same doors nine years ago.

This time, two of my sons were old enough to join them. Grandma would be pleased!

And here we are at the family plot at the cemetery. It's a beautiful spot. The headstones all around bear familiar old family names; names I've grown up with, but people I never knew.

Until now. Now Grandma and Grandpa are both there, and the plot is full. Future generations will have to be buried elsewhere.


At the cemetery, Bantam10 managed to snap a good picture of his dad! Gotta love that sun hat.

Papa Rooster was determined to get a nice portrait of me.

Back at home, he snapped this candid of my niece...

And captured Professor Brother and family the day before.

We think this one of Bantam4 is a winner too!

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Rosa said...

It's so beautiful that amidst pain and loss good and beauty can come out of a situation.

When I lost a close friend in a car accident three and a half years ago, celebrating her life through her wake and funeral really opened up channels for new relationships to develop.

Blessings to you and yours.