Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And Then My Six-Year-Old Had Her Tattoo Removed...

It's true. Chicklet6 (now 7) got a real, permanent tattoo this summer.

Actually, it was her ten-year-old brother who gave it to her!

He was seated on the couch, randomly swinging a pencil in the air, and unbeknownst to him, Chicklet was looking on over his shoulder. She leaned in a little closer, and took a pencil jab to the forehead.

That's his story, anyway.

After a quick assessment of the wound, I immediately turned to Google. From that fount of wisdom, I discovered that lead poisoning is not a concern. All pencils these days are made of graphite, of course, and apparently there is no such thing as graphite poisoning.

The main concern with a pencil wound, I learned, was the likelihood of a permanent tattoo mark.

And sure enough, after the wound healed, a black dot remained in the center of Chicklet's fair forehead.

Had B10 made his mark on any other part of her body, we'd have let it go. Hey, it would be a good story! But somehow, I didn't think she'd appreciate it much when she was Blondechick16's age...or my age, for that matter.

So a cosmetic surgeon performed a tiny punch biopsy, and she was left with one stitch, and eventually, the teensiest scar. It should fade to nothingness by the time she's of an age to be glued to her mirror.

Do you know what's sad? I don't think we even have a picture of her very first tattoo....


Heather said...

Does Chicklet at least get to hold the tattoo over her brother's head for a few years?

Anonymous said...

ha ha! i couldn't believe this b/c i had a "tatoo" right next to my eye on my nose from when i was going to poke my sister with the pencil but my depth perception (or lack thereof) got the better of me and i poked myself with it!! it is finally gone, but it was there for a long time! :)