Sunday, September 20, 2009


Finally, we can all breathe again...

The cast list for Seussical is up, and our kids are HAPPY!!

Bantam10 is going to be JoJo, the son of the Mayor of Whoville, a big lead with several songs. It's the part he really wanted and he is thrilled. He worked so hard to prepare for his audition and for callbacks, as he's done before when he didn't get the part he wanted, and so he's walking on air!

Blondechick16 is the Sour Kangaroo, the big, brassy "bad girl" with a sour attitude. It's a lead role that will stretch her vocally and dramatically more than the parts she half-expected to get. She is looking forward to the challenge!

Bantam14 is delighted to be cast as the lead Wickersham Brother, one of the band of troublesome monkeys who taunt Horton the Elephant and steal the clover with the Whos on it. It's a super-cool role and one he's played before, although he was the youngest of the Brothers then.

He is honestly relieved NOT to have one of the bigger guy roles. He worked hard on his audition and at callbacks, and we are so proud of how he rose to that challenge, but with his new homework load, now that he's no longer homeschooled, he was worried about how he was going to juggle everything if he had a big part, too. And it's great that our new little county is deep enough in teenage boys, this session at least, that he wasn't forced into a big lead!

We are excited about the whole cast. The numbers are a little smaller than we'd like to see, but there is a lot of raw talent, enthusiasm is high, the directors are awesome, and in the end, it's going to a be a FABULOUS show!

(Anybody want to order tickets? Let us know!!)

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Activities Coordinator said...

Congratulations! Last spring Butterfly was cast in Pied Piper, but Tiger wasn't. Now, Tiger is in Mulan, but Butterfly wasn't cast. It's hard when you have multiple children trying out for the same production, isn't it?