Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol ID

So while the whole family was gathering in our basement movie theater preparing to watch Chuck (which we had recorded and which the little kids don't usually watch with us), my teenagers were playing Tuesday night's American Idol episode (also recorded). I was busy picking up toys and getting Chicklet to help me dump water out of the tea set, which had spilled on my hand-me-down vintage metal TV trays, no doubt encouraging rust.

I just happened to look up as the names "Tripp and Barbara Curtis" flashed onto the screen, showing them being interviewed while the film frequently cut away to shots of a blonde teenager playing with several Down's syndrome boys, apparently her brothers.

"Hey, I know her!" I exclaimed. The teenage heads all swiveled toward me. "I mean--that family. The mom--she's a blogger! They had a bunch of their own kids and then they adopted all these Down's syndrome kids. And they weren't even Christians to begin with. She writes books, and speaks, and homeschools--she used to be a Montessori teacher--she's amazing!"

And as it turned out, so was her daughter! We were all delighted with her performance, and even more thrilled that the judges liked her too. Not only did they appreciate her soulful voice, but Simon told her that she was an unusual 16-year-old because she was not annoying. ("That's because she's been homeschooled," I hissed to my teenagers, not knowing if it was currently true, and it ends up: It's not. But she was unusually respectful, polite and free from "attitude.")

So we will be rooting for Maddy Curtis as the show progresses! I've never really cared who won or even watched much before.

For a YouTube video of Maddy's appearance, and the insider perspective from her mother Barbara, click here!

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Erin said...

that is SO COOL! thanks for linking to the blog. my family loved Maddy's audition (and story) and are definitely rooting for her. :)